I’m as sick as my memes~

Blue eyes, Grey skies,

They’re all the same to me

You see new hope, a way to cope,

While I am left to be.

You see sunsets, and folly nets,

While I’m drowning in the sea. 

But what I see, I cannot explain,

It living on an extensive plane

What you see, and what I know,

Contradict each other and the unknown.

My sunny days and your rainy days,

May as well be all the same.

Because while I care, your God must be taught,

That’s why I see rain’s beauty, and you do not.


                 italics~whoosh sp00py~

     He’s like the sun because I can’t live without him, but he’ll be the death of me.

    He’s like the moon because he shines in times of darkness, but he’ll always eventually have to leave me.

    He’s like a planet because he nurtures those around him, but he’ll be the cause of destruction for the same.

    He’s like the stars because he will someday disappear without a trace, but he’ll always be remembered by myself.

    He’s like space because he seems cool and collected, but I know he’s lost.

 He’s my solar system, and I’m his sun.

 In My Heart //Original Song//

                                               in which I try to                                                           write a song

​Darling, my dear, please you’ll be safe here

Though I left your mind all alo-one
But I promise, don’t fear, I swear I’ll be here
In this rundown flat we call ho-ome

And I say what I mean, but I cover my feet, with the lies that you let me believe

Hun, I’m misplaced, but I live for your face
Though it seems I’ve given up ho-ope
But please, don’t you leave, I’ll give you the key
To my heart that I’ve left lazily-y

And I say what I mean, but I cover my feet, with the lies that you let me believe

Love, mon cher, please let us be fair
Though I doubt you’d ever wrong me-e
But I care, don’t dare, say I was not there
In all of your dark times of nee-eed

And I say what I mean, but I cover my feet, with the lies that you let me believe

And because of your glare, your eyes and your hair, Je t’aime de tout mon coeur.

Life’s Fine

                                                In which Tonio                                                          steals this beginning                                                italics idea from                                                            Sunflower

Life’s fine                                                     Without the ideology that it follows pattern or design 

 Life’s okay                                             Without the promise of another night or another day 

 Life’s working out                                Without the fear of having to live up to one or another in constant doubt 

 Life’s adequate                                       Without the realization that to achieve your goals you only had left to do a little bit 

But is life okay when you’re falling apart?                                                       Wanting to run but unable to start.       The ideas they unjustly drilled into your heads,                                                             The only reason you’re paying for meds.

The world is spinning and I’m unable to walk,                                                                     My legs giving out, but it’s all just talk. I’m a liar, a rebel, a cancer, a cheat,       But at least my heart will never taste your defeat.

 The tears that I shed are purely for show,                                                               But 20% won’t care, 80% won’t know.     So as I sit in the dark and daydream for better,                                                                   I realize my life is a suicide letter.

I’m already giving out,                                     It must be a sign,                                         But I’ll stay silent,                                   Because Life is fine.

Time Capsule

                            ψ  Antonio Luca Vargas~ ψ

          “Grab something you care about! When you’re older, we’ll dig it up!” 

    I followed Mother’s orders, as per usual. That lonely teddy bear, which in a way represented me, was dangling loosely from my fingertips. The stuffing was falling out, it was ragged, loosely and carelessly stitched, but I loved it nontheless. Of course, I am older now, but it kept me company on my worst days and it held an ample amount of memories. 

    Mother and Father attempted to bond with me; I don’t know why they bother trying. They never could scratch deeper into my heart than they already were. 
We were making a time capsule. 

   Father grabbed a shovel and had began digging a hole the size of a small box. I remember it clearly, when I had placed the memento into the carboard box, for it was when I got the idea. 

    Not long after, mother filled the box with protective paper to keep the insides from being destroyed by seeping groundwater or dirt in general. I should have watched the box with such sympathy. It would probably rot underneath the Earth, then be thrown away without a second thought after gaining entrance.

    Though at the time, I only smiled carelessly. What joys I had then. If I could only replicate those here…

    Not since Mother and Father left. Well, not left. They were sliced up with such care and then so delicately had been placed in a few boxes…That’s what the kind policemen told me before placing me in my forever home; a home of padding and nurses.

    They thought I was crazy and oh so fragile. 


    Jokes on them. I wasn’t stupid, I wasn’t innocent, I wasn’t even sad, and they knew it! I knew what happened, how could I not?!

   After all,

    I was the one who had commit it. I was making a time capsule like when I was young.

          “Grab something you care about! When you’re older, we’ll dig it up!”

FΙηΙshεδ ατ 4αΜ (: